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Periodontal disease is a treacherous disease as it often progresses to very advanced stages, painless, and unfortunately, it is already considered by many experts to be a common problem affection a significant number of people. Affected patients need accurate diagnoses, followed by a top-of-the-line treatment, which might include non-surgical dental procedures.

In our practice, we follow scientifically well-researched and long-term proven treatment concepts. This concept provides for systematic and repeated cleaning of bacteria-infected teeth surfaces. Wherever possible, these cleansing operations are non-surgical – these treatments are similar to dental cleansing with anesthetic.

Each therapy begins with a “hygiene phase”, in which the habitat for harmful bacteria is systematically destroyed by several successive cleanings. At the same time, a gradual adaptation of individual oral hygiene is taking place to make new bacterial colonization impossible.

As part of the hygiene phase, further diagnostic testing may be carried out, such as “bacterial tests” or three-dimensional X-ray images (DVT).

Following the initial phase, the next line of action is to thoroughly clean the gum pockets and root surfaces under local anesthesia. With specialized equipment, such as ultrasonic instruments to reach areas deep under the gums- all hard pads are removed, and the roots treated.

Today, even deeper pockets no longer need to be cut to clean them. Our minimally invasive therapies allow us to be much more tissue-friendly.

Once this is done, already loosened teeth can be stabilized with a composite rail. Depending on the result of the bacteria tests, the treatment can be intensified with antibiotic therapy or the addition of special antibiotics in the periodontal pockets.

We can help more than 95% of our periodontal patients in the long term with purely non-surgical treatment. Surgical measures are, therefore, only necessary in exceptional cases.

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