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Dental filling can prevent excruciating toothache and ensure that the tooth can fulfill its function optimally again

How long do you have to put up with a hole in any of your tooth which can be a source of significant discomfort and also the beginning of severe issues down the road?
As soon as a tooth or molar has a cavity (cavity), the tooth decay will continue to develop which can go as far as affecting the dental nerve resulting in continuous toothache, swelling, and inflammation.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Stop this process in time by allowing one of our highly trained dentist remove the tooth decay and close the incriminating cavity.

If the hole is superficial on the glaze, this does not always have to be treated. This we can determine during a session of thorough yet gentle oral examination with your dentist.

For a deeper hole, recovery is farfetched, and having it filled with is the best option for having healthy teeth and improved quality of life.

The filler material of choice can be any of resin, porcelain, natural glass, or composite, which all share similar compositions like your natural tooth. Their advantages include superior bonding with your natural tooth, great aesthetics, safe compatibility with your gum and other oral structures. The result is a stronger tooth which won’t awkwardly stand-out or break under the influence of chewing forces.

The process is relatively pain-free and straight forward. Under local anesthesia, your dentist would prepare the affected tooth aseptically and make it more easily accessible for a quality job.

The process of filling involves the use of a non-mercury/silver fill which is applied with care, making sure it doesn’t come in contact with saliva.

The final steps involve hardening of the filler material with a blue lamp before the filling is smoothed to give it a natural healthy tooth appearance for a beautiful smile.

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