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Crowns are like protective caps, which are placed over the remaining, abraded tooth substance to restore healthy appearance and function. Also, the remaining tooth substance is held together and stabilized.

Before use, we’ll ensure the affected tooth is prepared. After that, an impression is taken, which serves as a template for the production of an exact pattern of your dental crown. For root-treated teeth, a fiberglass pin assembly is usually required to stabilize the crown, which will later be placed on it. After completion, the newly created crown is fixed with dental cement directly on the tooth stump. We strive to be as exact as possible when making the impression of the tooth, thereby preventing fissures at the transitions from crown to the tooth.

Benefits of dental crowns

  • With crowns, fragile teeth due to decay or other cause are stabilized.
  • If the hole in your tooth is significant, crowns are used to protect such large fillings.
  • For combined fixed-removable dentures, dental crowns are required for ideal anchoring.
  • In periodontal weakened teeth, crowns can prevent further bone loss and gap formation.
  • Ceramic crowns can be to restore a beautiful natural appearance to your teeth.

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