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Most adults brush their teeth, employing the wrong technique. Are you one? Discover how to make the most of this vital routine.

Are you one of those who go about brushing their teeth using circular movements? You need to stop because it is not ideal.


The toothbrush should be set at a slight angle and brushing done from the transition of the gum and teeth vertically – always from “red to white”, i.e. from the gum to the tooth.

Brushing: How long and how often?

On average, everyone should spend around five minutes, grooming their teeth. But since each person has a different dentition, the optimal cleaning time is unique. Therefore, it is important to talk regularly with the dentist about the cleaning technique. To help determine the ideal period you require to effectively brush your teeth, any of our expert dentists will walk you through all you need to know. Plus, we can also make readily available special treatments that produce colorations indicating plaque. You can use this type of treatments at home to help determine how effective your brushing is.

Brush your teeth after every meal? Or three times a day? When your teeth are cleaned properly, brushing twice a day is alright. Plus we encourage you should also floss daily.

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