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With a healthy mouth you can eat and drink without problem. Plus good oral health is aesthetically appealing, boosts social confidence, and overall wellbeing. With our preventive oral care program, you can keep it that way

Prevention is better than drilling and fixing your teeth no matter how you slice it. That is why preventive oral care programs are becoming increasingly important in modern dental practice. Our comprehensive dental prophylactic program is designed to include all measures that serve the health of your teeth and gums and prevent the development of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

In addition to patient education and instructions for optimal dental care and oral hygiene at home, professional teeth cleaning is one of the most important prophylactic measures.

Professional teeth cleaning as with other measures you’ll enjoy from this program will result in the effective removal of plaque and prevent future build-up.

Dental plaque consists of bacteria and products from bacteria. They are in your mouth. Virtually all of our food and drinks contain sugars and starch. And the bacteria in your mouth convert these sugars and starch into acids. It is these acids that cause cavities in your teeth.

Dental plaque also causes inflamed gums. If you do not remove the plaque properly, the bacteria in the plaque will cause your gums to become inflamed. Non-removed plaque can become hard and turn into tartar. New dental plaque easily adheres to tartar. This causes the gums to become more and more inflamed. The inflammation can spread and affect the underlying jaw bone. Ultimately, so much jaw bone can disappear that your teeth and molars become loose.

What to expect from our preventive program include:

  • Review of oral hygiene status and education
  • Scale removal by ultrasound
  • Gentle removal of discoloration by coffee, tea, nicotine, etc. using a salt blasting device
  • Removal of stubborn deposits and bacterial deposits in hard-to-reach areas (such as interdental spaces)
  • Polishing the teeth as a means of preventing the formation of new coatings
  • Fluoridation of the teeth
  • Fissure sealing
  • Preventive dental care during Pregnancy

For expectant mothers, regular check-up of the teeth and gums by the dentist is particularly important. Due to the altered hormone level during pregnancy, gum inflammation, bleeding gums, and bacteria proliferation of bacteria are not uncommon. Changing dietary habits and vomiting can also attack teeth more.

So what do you do? It is highly recommended that you make an appointment before a planned pregnancy to avoid treatments during pregnancy as much as possible. Also, untreated periodontitis can increase the risk of premature birth. All these issues can adequately be addressed with your dedicated dentist so your pregnancy can be as smooth as possible.

Do you know what to do to maintain excellent oral health? Don’t guess, discover the possibilities!

It is usually recommended you visit 1-2 times a year, depending on your predisposition to caries or periodontitis, or unfavorable oral hygiene situation (such as gum pockets). If you have diabetes or using heavy medications or have strong tea, coffee, nicotine or red wine stain on your teeth, then this program works to ensure your smile remains not only radiant but also a useful contribution to the preservation of your dental health and general health.

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