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Research show that regular flossing can significantly reduce the occurrence of dental plaque and other dental problemsBrushing your teeth does not remove plaque and food residue on and between your teeth thoroughly. For this reason, flossing is highly recommended.

With the help of dental floss, interdental spaces, points of contact of teeth, the bottoms of bridge constructions as well as the environment of fixed orthodontic appliances can be cleaned thoroughly. The use of dental floss is therefore a useful supplement to daily dental care you shouldn’t ignore.

Flossing: How you can do it

You need about 50 centimeters of the floss. A short section of this thread is held on both sides between thumb and forefinger, pulled tight, passed between two teeth and there repeatedly moved from top to bottom, back up and down again. Once you’re done flossing an interdental space, clamp a new and clean thread section and proceed to clean the next interdental area.

For many, this procedure is complicated. Luckily, there are dental floss holders in the market today that are much easier to handle and make flossing more fun to complete.

So also, you should be aware that there are different kinds of dental floss are available, which differ in their surface structure. They can be made of nylon or polyethylene – waxed, not waxed or coated.

We can guide you on settling on the best option as well as help teach you how you should floss at home safely and effectively.

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