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Are you struggling with loose dentures? Then you’ll love all that overdentures have to offer. Reliable, comfortable, and easy to use, with overdentures you no longer need to wear dental adhesives under your dentures to keep it in place.

Overdentures, unlike conventional dentures, make for a better chewing experience since they allow for powerful bites like you would with your normal teeth.

When applying your overdenture, your dentist retains your denture securely in place with hidden reinforcements which allow for a secure fit thus preventing your denture from flopping around when you eat as is often the case in traditional dentures applied to the lower dental arch.

Patients that use overdentures love that their sense of taste is retained allowing them to enjoy their meals. This is because overdentures do not have a palate in place. Instead, with the use of small-sized implants, the denture does not become bulky as well as occupy and obscure normal function of the mouth.

Are you looking for a safe and reliable solution to fix the gap created by missing teeth even when you’ve lost a considerable amount of bone structure or are on a budget? Then we’ll be glad to provide you with overdentures that will not only allow you to eat, speak, and smile without worries, but it will help prevent further bone loss and also give you a younger attractive look.

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