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A crown lengthening is the extension of the part of a tooth or molar that protrudes above the gums (natural crown).

A crown extension may be necessary because there is not enough support for a crown treatment or because there is a hole in a tooth lying deep under the gums. Another reason may be that the teeth are short, the gums uneven or bulky (as seen in “gummy smile”) or a combination of one or more of these features making it a cosmetic problem in which case crown lengthening becomes the perfect solution.

The teeth are surgically exposed as far as possible under local anesthesia so that the bone surrounding the teeth can be slightly reduced. The extent of bone removal depends on the thickness and morphology of the bone. The gums and soft tissue surrounding the neck of the teeth is thinned a little and then attached to the teeth again.

The pain after a crown lengthening procedure is quite moderate and can effectively be handled with your typical painkiller.

With the help of our experienced team and proper aftercare, you’ll soon forget about the procedure but for your perfectly set teeth and radiant smile revealed – no more hiding your smile or tolerating the stares whenever you talk or open your mouth.

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