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Do your teeth limit your quality of life?

Are you tired of having to keep investing in teeth that can no longer be saved, so you want it extracted?

And do you want a new start with “immediate teeth” without having to wait for months all the while without having dentures?

Then an immediate denture is the right choice for you!

Immediate dentures are placed during the same visit of teeth/tooth extraction. This way you will never be without teeth!

What are the benefits of an immediate denture?

Immediate dentures have several advantages. The most crucial benefit of course is that you are never without teeth because the dentures are used immediately after extraction. Immediate dentures are made in advance and are ready by the day of the extractions.

It is also easier to duplicate the color, shape and position of your natural teeth. When an immediate denture is placed in the same visit that your teeth are pulled, the immediate denture will also protect the wounds from inflammation and bleeding.

With an immediate denture, you can adjust your speech very quickly. You will not have to learn to speak without your teeth then change your speech later again when your dentures are ready. Additionally, immediate dentures allow you to chew better compared to when you would be without teeth.

The precisely fitting immediate denture we provide ensures the aesthetics and the function of your teeth without waiting time. So why wait to smile? Get an immediate denture when you need one immediately.

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