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Missing teeth can result in a lot of medical and social issues. No wonder many patients do all they can to replace the missing tooth/teeth and cover gaps created.

With semi-precision attachment dentistry, a removable partial denture would not only address your missing teeth problem, but it makes your dentures more attractive and comfortable since metal clasps are not used unlike in a traditional removable clasped partial denture.

Here, an attachment which is usually made of tissue compatible non-allergic material becomes the clasp and rest which also acts as the reciprocating, stabilizing, and retentive feature which secures the denture firmly in place without fear of the denture coming off especially during eating.

The selling point in semi-precision attachments with your natural teeth is that the attachments are hidden in the partial denture, making it invisible and allowing for a more cosmetic appealing result.

For a patient, the regained ability to smile, chew, and converse with confidence rest assured in their beautiful, functional, and natural-looking teeth after dealing with the nightmare missing teeth can cause is golden.

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