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Even when your teeth are healthy, the enamel can develop small hairline cracks. These tiny cracks can be so narrow that they cannot be cleaned with the toothbrush, making them ideal locations for tooth-damaging bacteria.To prevent the chewing surfaces from becoming damaged permanently by tooth decay, our specially trained dentist can protect the surfaces with dental sealants.

Dental sealants are particularly useful for children and adolescents because of the vulnerability of their developing teeth to decay. For this reason, experts recommend having the tooth surfaces sealed to protect the enamel.

However, because a dental seal acts only as a preventive measure, existing caries or damage caused to the tooth can neither be stopped nor reversed with such a step. Therefore, as your dentists, we will evaluate the existing condition of your teeth before advising you on the best line of action. Additionally, we strongly recommend an effective preventive program to keep your teeth healthy as long as possible, especially if a health insurance company is paying the costs.

When applying a dental seal, the dentist must first thoroughly clean the areas on the tooth that are to be sealed and remove any deposits such as tartar. For this purpose, a powder jet is used, which achieves a significantly better cleaning effect than a toothbrush, without the tooth surface or the gums getting damaged. Subsequently, the cleaned tooth surface is roughened with an acidic gel so that the sealing material adheres to it as well as possible. After a short drying time, the actual sealant is applied and cured with a special lamp. At the end of the treatment, the dentist polishes the surface and grinds off protruding material.

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