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If due to age, illness, accident or other reasons, teeth are no longer present in a jaw, the gaps can be closed using hybrid dentures.

Hybrid dentures is a combination prosthetic in which a removable partial or total denture is anchored to existing teeth or implants. This hybrid prosthesis uses both dental implants and natural teeth as a support pillar.

Externally, a hybrid prosthesis is indistinguishable from a full denture, but offers considerable advantages in terms of anchoring in the jaw thus making talking, chewing more comfortable.

For this purpose, the dentist first creates an impression of the upper and lower jaw, which is used as a basis for the production of the prosthesis.

We provide bone-supported prostheses where the masticatory forces are transmitted to the jawbone and mucosa-supported prosthesis in which case the chewing pressure rests entirely on the gum and the mucous membrane in the mouth.

All variants of hybrid dentures offer high comfort and functionality with an excellent aesthetic appearance. Your dentist will assess your situation and then discuss the most suitable option with you before striving to exceed your expectation so you can smile!

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