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Complete dentures are utilized in cases where one or both jaws have no teeth remaining.
Typically, this form of dental prostheses is a removable acrylic used to replace missing teeth, soft tissue, and bone in an entire dental arch.

Complete dentures are easy to make and repair, plus they are reasonably cheap and provide excellent esthetics and function that most patients love and appreciate.

To help you overcome common complaints by patients such as poor denture retention and impaired taste and chewing, we can anchor some teeth in the selected arch to act as abutments thus providing increased stability to the denture.

As your dentist, providing you with complete dentures goes beyond replacing your missing teeth. We also would make you younger by ensuring your vertical space is reestablished. By reestablishing the right vertical spacing for you, any sign of sunken and aging appearance would be reduced.

We also make sure the outer surface of the prosthesis is built to complement your unique facial musculature, thereby providing you with a natural, healthy appearance.

With complete dentures, you not only sign up for a glowing smile, but you’ll also look younger and improve the quality of your life.

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