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Temporo-mandibular disorders is used as a collective term to describe the dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system at the region of the Temporal mandibular joint, i.e. the point at which the jaw attaches to the skull.

Common symptoms of Temporo-mandibular disorders include:

  • Pain or fatigue when chewing
  • Being unable to open the mouth properly
  • Pain of the jaw joint
  • Popping, cracking, creaking or other sounds at the jaw joints especially when you move your mouth
  • Hypersensitive teeth
  • Abnormal wear of the teeth.
  • Ear, head and neck pain may also be related to Temporo-mandibular disorders.


Before treatment is started, it is vital to establish the existence of Temporo-mandibular disorder(s). Diagnostic protocols include physical examination, diagnostic imaging, including x-ray.

Treatment of Temporo-mandibular disorders


If the teeth and molars do not fit well together, the dentist can grind this in or try to fit it with a plastic plate (splint), so that the jaw is aligned correctly. The splint can also be used for movement restrictions. With abnormal tooth wear, a splint is worn to protect the teeth.


You will receive instructions from the physiotherapist on how to use the mouth properly and how to best relax it. Massage of the sore chewing muscles yourself and by a professional can also be recommended and instituted.

Surgical Treatment

Surgery of the jaw joints is only rarely performed and only a last resort in severe unresponsive cases. The procedure can be as basic as cleaning of the joint to more complex procedures which is determined following thorough examinations and diagnoses.

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