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Removable dental bridges are detachable, and unlike fixed bridges, they don’t require abutment teeth for an anchor as they can be attached to the teeth using clasps or precision attachments. Because they are removable, you can also take them out at home comfortably after an adjustment period for proper cleaning

These types of dental bridges are usually used when one or more teeth are missing or when a tooth is extracted due to damage. The dental bridge replaces a gap between two teeth so that the tooth gap is closed.

A removable dental bridge is the most preferred solution for patients where the number of missing teeth in a span is much or in situations where the jawbone and/or abutting teeth can’t support to support a fixed bridge or dental implant. So also, if you don’t wish to undergo implant surgery, removable dental bridges, is your best bet.

As your dentist, we’ll confirm that your bridge fits correctly and is adjusted to your bite so that you can get accustomed to it in good time.

A removable dental bridge restores missing teeth and allows patients to eat, talk, and smile normally again. With proper care, your removable bridge will be in good condition for years.

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