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Removable Partial dentures

Removable partial dentures are dental prostheses that are anchored to existing healthy teeth. They restore function, aesthetics, and correct pronunciations defects, which often results when you have gaps created by missing teeth.

A removable partial denture consists of plastic teeth mounted on a metal, plastic-coated prosthesis base. They are held with clips on existing teeth in the mouth. The natural teeth do not have to be worked on; they serve only for support.

A stirrup, running across the palate or under the tongue, gives the prosthesis overall stability and distributes the chewing pressure evenly on the prosthesis base. In removable partial dentures these “prosthesis saddles” transfer the masticatory pressure to the jaw and not the teeth as observed in dental bridges.

That in mind, we ensure your denture is accurately created and adjusted to fit perfectly in your mouth to avoid discomfort and pressure sores. This is possible through due diligence when making an impression of your mouth as well as during the creation of the dentures.

Ideal if you’ve got some missing teeth in one or both dental arch, the removable partial denture would close the gap and ensure you can smile, eat, and talk with confidence again.

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