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With crowns, we can give your badly damaged teeth new life and protection for a long time

Despite extensive precaution and conscientious care of the mouth area, it can lead to damage to the teeth. Sometimes this damage is so great that the natural tooth must be covered with a tooth crown, so that form and function are restored.

What is a Crown? A crown or cap is an esthetic restoration used to cover, protect and strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by previous decay or damage. They are anchored to the remaining part of the tooth and glued to it. Covering a weakened tooth may prevent further damage and save you from a more expensive restoration later.

We make an impression or mold made from your teeth, and the crown is custom-made for you. After initial contact with your dentist, a temporary crown is made to cover your prepared tooth. We strive to see you light a smile with confidence, and will complete the final restoration without much waste of time.

Depending on your needs, the final crown may be porcelain fused to metal, a porcelain-ceramic substrate or a metal-free, all-ceramic Zirconia crown.

Worried your dental crown will be awkward? Don’t be. Your dental restoration will closely resemble natural tooth enamel, and are available in a color to match your other teeth. Whether it is the all-ceramic crowns for a beautiful cosmetic restoration without a dark line at the gum or porcelain-ceramic substrate, your smile would get an instant upgrade.

Your crown will fit precisely and appear as a healthy natural tooth. And since the main part of the tooth is restored to its original form, normal speech and chewing are possible again.

If your smile no longer fills you with pride because of decayed, weakened, cracked or damaged teeth, crown and caps might be the perfect solution you need for a dazzling smile. Contact us now and discover how.

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