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Do you experience any of these symptoms? Pain or clicking sound when you open, close, or move your mouth, loose teeth, teeth that wear excessively, unstable surrounding supporting tissues.

Then an occlusal analysis is in order as these signs are suggestive of an unstable bite.

The process of occlusal analysis starts by determining whether the temporomandibular joint is alright. After this, can we proceed to investigate why occlusion is unbalanced.

We employ a variety of methods to achieve our goal, which includes making casts of your teeth, which is then studied for the presence of issues. In some cases, a computerized diagnostic device like the renowned T-Scan is used to record your bite force accurately, plus capture other data like the occlusal force, timing and location.

Once a malocclusion is determined, we’ll co-create a treatment regimen with you. Treatment options may include occlusal adjustment (your teeth are reshaped), teeth repositioning, or through dental restorations such as the use of onlays and crowns. Irrespective of the method of treatment used, data from occlusal analysis helps to guide your dentist through the treatment process, providing a measurable evaluation of treatment success rather than relying on intuition or patient’s response.

Occlusal analysis works to prevent harm to your teeth, allow for proper implants, and generally improves your oral health.

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