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Healthy gums are of the utmost importance for the preservation of your teeth

The earlier a periodontitis is detected and treated, the easier, faster, and more successful the treatment will be.

The tasks of periodontics in our dental practice include not only the treatment but also the prevention and the aftercare of periodontal diseases.

Our goal is to stop the inflammation and to maintain the tissue supporting the teeth permanently. A qualified dentist will be on hand to achieve this using a finely tuned system of education, motivation, and individualized prophylactic measures. If necessary with the help of minimally invasive gum surgery.

Your periodontal treatment includes a special examination of the gum pockets with a probe during which periodontal pockets are cleaned and particular emphasis placed on correct and customized oral hygiene. In some cases, an X-ray of the diseased teeth is taken as well. Based on these findings, a treatment plan is created together with you.

As part of the actual periodontal treatment, the hard bacterial deposits (concernments/tartar) in the pockets between the gum and the neck of the tooth are removed with a probe, the root is smoothed, and the inflammatory gum is treated.

There are different methods that we use, depending on your individual needs. Only in rare cases, it is necessary to perform major surgical procedures on the periodontium.

In any case, we’ll advise you on proper prophylaxis and teeth cleaning. So also a tailored post care program is designed to prevent unnoticed exploratory or re-inflammatory events.

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