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Periodontal Surgery involves all surgical interventions in the gums and periodontium that serve the aesthetic or functional improvement of the patient’s situation. These procedures are typically needed to rescue deeply damaged teeth, remove broken roots on existing teeth, or improve a patient’s aesthetic appeal.

Surgical periodontitis therapy is necessary if the following findings are present: Severe forms of periodontitis and if periodontal pockets fail to heal after non-surgical periodontal treatment.

Some Periodontal Surgical procedures include:

Bone and tissue structures regeneration

After successful therapy of periodontitis (the elimination of a bacterial infection), in some cases, lost bones and the associated tissues can be rebuilt on the tooth. Various surgical techniques are available for this purpose, all of which involve only minimal intervention on the patient (microsurgery).

Gum recovery

Today we have various techniques for the regeneration (reconstruction) of lost gums available that can significantly increase the quality of life.

Surgical crown lengthening

A surgical crown extension is needed to rescue deeply damaged teeth that have lost their natural crown, or parts of it, due to tooth decay or accidents, or in individuals with a “gummy smile”.

Root amputation

Periodontal disease or failed root canal treatment can lead to situations where a root is destroyed and needs to be removed. This is especially often the case with teeth whose removal would have significant consequences for the patient.

The microsurgical periodontal therapy includes the use of magnifying aids (magnifying glasses or microscope) plus the use of special microsurgical instruments. The use of special types of dental equipment and skills of our dental professions ensures minimal surgical tissue trauma, less post-procedure discomfort, little scarring, and the positive outcome of the procedure itself.

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