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Laser treatment, photodynamic therapy, and ozone therapy are some periodontal therapy methods that are available today.

In our dental practice, we only utilize treatment methods that show demonstrable successes over long periods of time using data from manufacturer-independent studies.

Periodontal therapy is always a long-term therapy, in which case failures often become recognizable only after years and can then have significant consequences for the patient. Therefore, we adhere to only proven techniques that deliver measurable success.

That said; these techniques succeed only in combination with manual cleaning we carry out.

For us, the periodontal cleanings of teeth are therefore exclusively made with ultrasound and hand instruments, complemented by polishes and, in exceptional cases, the use of an Airflow device to remove massive foreign deposits on the teeth and periodontal tissue.

These treatments are very time consuming and labor-intensive for them to be successful, which is why we are proud of our team of highly qualified and experienced dentists that don’t cut corners while striving to give you the best care possible.

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