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Our pediatric dental care has created beautiful smiles for thousands of happy children over the years. Give your child the best start today!

Proper dental care for your child means they have a good chance of enjoying healthy teeth even when they become adults. Intact milk teeth are the prerequisite for healthy permanent teeth. Therefore, dental care should start with the first teething.

Parents immediately notice our comfortable and child-friendly environment while kids can indulge themselves with the various toys and games adorning our premises.
While you’ll come to appreciate the child-friendly atmosphere, you’ll value the level of personalized dental care we’ll provide to your little ones even more. Your kids will be given lots of choices in a friendly and caring way without them feeling coerced.

As professional pediatric dental caregivers, we understand the importance of effective communication with your child – this includes refraining from words that can cause fear- instead we’ve made it a habit of employing pleasant and non-frightening words with the same message.

Our pediatric dental care services include:

Pediatric Oral Health Examination
We carry out early oral health examinations to detect possible risk of cavities as early as possible. Detection of the oral hygiene status includes checking for signs of plaque, the condition of the gums and determination of any point of weakness in your child’s teeth. If necessary, we recommend appropriate treatment afterward.

Professional teeth cleaning for children.
A specially trained professional will take care of your child and together with the child, brush away coverings during tooth cleaning. During this process, your child is made aware of the risks of bacterial infestation. If necessary, children’s teeth are freed from hard dental plaque and polished, which help prevent the buildup of bacterial deposits and thus the formation of cavities.

Here advanced techniques for proper brushing are presented. There are also tips on healthy nutrition and the relationships between diet, dental care, bacteria, and tooth decay. Early education in a gently and fun manner have shown tremendous result in how kids respond to and care for their oral hygiene.

Fissure sealing.
Caries on the chewing surfaces of molars is the most common tooth decay in children. Fissure and dimple sealing is a preventative measure used on the most caries-prone areas of the teeth. The fissures are thoroughly cleaned and filled with a unique, tooth-colored plastic during this process.

Fluoridation for stronger teeth
Fluoride protects the enamel from caries. Therefore, it is beneficial for children’s teeth. Following professional teeth cleaning, fluoride is applied as a varnish. The paint releases the substance regularly to the teeth. This helps to mineralize them and protect them from aggressive acids.

We strive to make a visit to the dentist a fun one for your child!
If your child’s teeth are healthy, they often live to enjoy a quality life. Well thought-out dental care is the basis for this. And with our pediatric dentists, your child is in good care.

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