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Fluoride is a substance that makes the teeth stronger and protects them against the effects of acidic drinks or materials. Taking care of the teeth two to three times a day with fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash helps prevent cavities.However, fluoride toothpaste might become inadequate (due to insufficient fluoride); for that, fluoride treatments are instituted for more pronounced protection and result.

The fluoridation of the teeth is a measure in which the trace element fluorine is used for the prevention of tooth decay. In addition, it can bring existing, less pronounced tooth damage by decaying to a halt.

Fluoride reacts with the enamel on the surface: The surface of the tooth hardens and forms a covering layer, which protects against bacterial attacks. The incorporation of the fluoride in the enamel makes the teeth less acid sensitive. Also, the antibacterial effect of the fluoride hinders the growth of the bacteria found in dental plaques.

In a fluoride treatment, a fluoride gel is applied to the teeth with the help of bits. These bits must be held in the mouth for ten minutes, with the jaws on top of each other. Fluoride can also be applied to the teeth with a cotton swab or brush. It is also now possible to use a varnish to the teeth from which fluoride is slowly released unto the teeth.

Children, people who produce far too little saliva production, patients with an autoimmune disease where the salivary gland is affected such as Sjögren’s syndrome, Orthodontic equipment users, persons with poor motor skills, which makes brushing difficult, individuals with sensitive teeth or exposed tooth necks etc. will benefit immensely from fluoride treatments.

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