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By traumatic dental injuries, we mean all damages to any part of the teeth caused by accidents. This may include torn teeth, fractures of the crown or root, and tooth dislocation (luxation). A lost baby tooth will be replaced in the long term, but this is not the case with permanent teeth. That is why the dentist will always try to repair and retain the tooth.

For the therapy and prognosis, the severity and cause of the trauma, as well as the duration from the occurrence, are decisive. Therefore, the dentist needs to know when and how the injury happened.

During the examination, the dentist must determine whether the soft tissue is damaged and must be sutured, whether the tooth is loose or dislocated, whether it is a tooth or root fracture, if there is a bite defect or if there are signs of a jaw fracture.

The majority of dental injuries must be treated immediately. The prognosis is best when the therapy is started as soon as possible. The injured teeth must be X-rayed, to exclude the suspicion of a root fracture.

In traumatic dentistry, therapy aims to limit damage and prevent tooth loss. And treatment depends on the nature of the injury.

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