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Strong toothache due to a deep inflammation makes it difficult to enjoy everyday life. But you do not necessarily have to let the tooth go – you get rid of the pain by root canal treatment. And that’s why we signed up.

If bacteria attack the tooth substance and are not stopped in time, they reach the inside of the tooth and gets to the tooth root. So also, unrecognized or untreated caries can also lead to inflammation of the tooth root. In both cases, root canal treatment can save the diseased tooth.

Each tooth has multiple roots and fine, branched channels. They contain the pulp, i.e. blood vessels and nerve tissue. Inflammations there usually cause throbbing toothache. As a rule, several treatment steps are necessary, usually under local anesthesia. Using professional dental instruments, your dedicated dentist will open the tooth and clean the nerve cavity and the root canals of inflamed or dead tissue and disinfects them. He then fills the channels and closes the tooth.

A root canal treatment is often the last resort to save a sick or injured tooth. The result can usually be seen to last many years. This means you no longer have to put up with head-splitting toothache anymore.

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