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Aesthetic and functional tooth corrections can nowadays be implemented using ceramic crowns.

The all-ceramic crown today represents excellence in cosmetic dentistry and can hardly be distinguished from one’s teeth.

Ceramic crowns are prosthetic replacements that are permanently placed on the prepared teeth or dental implants to restore the lost function and aesthetics of teeth.

We can use them to restore beauty and function of a severely damaged tooth in which filling is no longer possible, when a tooth is weakened by large cavities, or in teeth that have suffered significant damage as a result of endodontic treatment or deterioration in prosthetic replacement.

For individuals with twisted or crooked teeth, the condition is best remedied with ceramics crowns. Crowns can be used to get rid of tooth discoloration, which is discolored especially by endodontic treatment.

Because we provide 100% metal-free, laser-graded and computer-milled ceramic crowns the perfect optimal edge density and non-irritation to the gums is assured. The material is biologically neutral, very well tolerated by mucous membranes and has near-natural hardness thus eliminating the fear of such crowns breaking.

Plus, the weight is almost identical to that of natural teeth, so you won’t feel like you’re carrying extra weight in your mouth.

Ceramics crowns can perfectly imitate the optical properties of natural teeth. Features such as translucency, opalescence, transparency and fluorescence are fully achieved with dental crowns made of ceramics. However, here is the trick – to achieve the desired results, you can count on the experience of our dentist or dental technician to help you choose the right crown best suited for your needs and case.

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