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Periodontitis can cause the gums and other soft tissues to recede (recessions) or be lost resulting in exposed tooth necks that not only impair aesthetics but also make the teeth much more sensitive and prone to dental caries.

Unfortunately, lost tissue cannot be regained even after periodontal treatment. This means new tissues must be constructed by surgical means to achieve function and beauty. And even though our bodies can carry out minor “repairs” on its own by forming scar tissue and a so-called long ciliary epithelium on the damaged periodontal pocket, the dentist must help rebuild the periodontium via a soft tissue graft if the desired result is to be achieved.

To correct the defect, we surgically “harvest” connective tissue or mucous membrane from your palate and place it in the recipient bed and anchored firmly without tension with a special tissue adhesive or fine stitching. Thanks to the small wound edges, the tissue heals without scars. Also, the sampling point is closed again so that they can heal.

After the healing phase, the transplanted tissue will grow and adapt very well with the surrounding tissues. With soft tissue grafts, the dental necks are well protected for daily oral hygiene or against cold and heat irritation allowing you to smile gracefully again.

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