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Whether it is just a gap or completely missing rows of teeth – missing teeth should always be replaced!

There are several reasons for this: chewing, talking and laughing without a problem is a big part of the quality of life and can only be achieved with fixed and seamless rows of teeth.

Also, missing teeth permanently lead to an unsightly and above all, unhealthy change in the bone structure, causing the jawbone to recede, more teeth loss, and an increased sign of aging.

Our modern dentistry offers different ways to replace teeth safely and comfortably. And fixed dentures remain one of the favorites for most of our patients. With dentures with implants, your dentist will firmly anchor the tooth roots to your jawbone. Over time, the bone cells combine with the implants, thus ensuring a stable hold of the dental prosthesis.

Dentures with implants can be used to close small or large gaps created by missing tooth or teeth. And even if you have a dental arch that has no teeth, our specialist can effortlessly restore it with complete rows of teeth.

Due to the technique and the small number of implants used, sufficient stability is not only achieved, but the treatment time is short, and usually, no additional bone structure is necessary to complete the procedure.

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