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TMJ (JAW Problems)

The best outcome of TMJ Treatments in McAllen and Palmview, TX

The treatment of jaw pain and the associated symptoms requires the seamless cooperation of different specialists. These are provided by Lima Dental under-one-roof. This saves you valuable time and allows a perfectly coordinated therapy.

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint and is often used to refer to problems with the jaw joint system, which is responsible for the movements of the jaw, more specifically for chewing and speaking. A significant portion of the population suffers from TMJ disorders, which manifests itself in very different ways.

Jaw problems can have a significant impact on the lives of those affected: local pain, snoring, chronic tension, and many other conditions that affect the quality of life. In Lima Dental, you will find specialists for holistic recovery, ranging from diagnosis to jaw treatment and physiotherapy.

Inaccurate fillings or dentures can trigger TMJ problems. If they are adjusted or exchanged, the complaints usually resolve quickly. Other causes (e.g., temporomandibular joint arthrosis) may require further treatment. This includes, for example, the supply of a denture splint. Depending on the problem, rail types can be used to improve the alignment of the upper and lower rows of teeth.

The dentist, orthodontist, or orthopedist can refer you for a session with a physiotherapist. In situations like this, your treatment might include relaxation exercises, jaw muscle strengthening exercises, mobilization, cold and heat therapy, individual tips for exercise at home (e.g., facial exercises), and much more. Your chosen physiotherapist is qualified and has received additional training to provide specific TMJ treatment.

Our professional TMD treatments can help you alleviate your suffering, so you never have to worry about chewing your favorite meal, talking, or going through your day. With our capable team, you will get the best outcome of TMJ Treatments in McAllen and Palmview, TX. Contact us now to schedule an appointment! (956) 600 – 7412.

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