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Regular Cleanings

Regular Cleanings (Prophylaxis), FMD ( full mouth debridement) , and Scale and root planning (Deep cleanings)

Anyone who regularly goes for professional teeth cleaning has longer-term healthier teeth.

Despite regular dental care with a toothbrush, toothpaste, interdental brushes, and dental floss, harmful bacteria accumulate in hard-to-reach areas during the day.

These harmful bacteria accumulate on and between the teeth. Here they form over time plaque, an aggressive biofilm, consisting of saliva constituents, food leftovers, and bacteria. This whitish plaque converts sugar into acids, which then decalcify the tooth surface and promote caries formation.

So also, plaque is the cause of halitosis and triggers, among others, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and in worst cases, periodontal disease (inflammations affecting the tissues surrounding the teeth). According to scientific studies, regular professional tooth cleaning, PZR for short, reduces the risk of heart and brain infarction, premature birth, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, and gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, precaution is the best protection!

It is therefore recommended that every individual seek professional teeth cleaning at least once a year. And that is where we at Lima Dental come to your rescue!

Regular Cleaning (Prophylaxis)

During the procedure, your dental caregiver would, first of all, examine the teeth precisely using magnifying glasses. Subsequently, they’ll remove pathogenic plaque tooth by tooth. Soft pads are often removed with an ultrasonic device, harder deposits are removed with a special hand instrument. The use of a so-called powder blasting device can quickly solve persistent discoloration caused, for example, by wine, coffee, tea, or nicotine. Small brushes would be used for the interstices, which can also be used to cleanse the tongue. Next, the tooth surfaces are polished using a special paste to help prevent bacteria from finding a hold that would allow them to settle back quickly.

After that, a special impregnation reduces the acid solubility of enamel, and minor defects are stabilized by demineralization. Finally, fluoridation, which is the application of fluoride directly on the teeth for better protection and helps strengthen teeth.

FMD (full mouth debridement)

If it’s been a while, you saw a dentist, then full mouth debridement (FMD) might be in order. Similar to regular cleaning (prophylaxis), a dental hygienist uses an electronic scaler and other dental equipment to remove any significant buildup of plaque and calculus on your and around your teeth and gums.

Scale and root planning (Deep cleanings)

Periodontal scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) is recommended for patients that have signs associated with gum diseases. Some of these signs to look out for include bleeding gums, the discovery of deeper than usual gum pockets, when plaque and calculus build up under the gums, poor bone support for the teeth (floating teeth), and so on.

Dividing your mouth into quadrants, a specialist dental hygienist will ensure you have a pain-free experience by first numbing the treatment field before proceeding to thoroughly scale and clean the crown and root surfaces of your teeth. Afterward, antimicrobial treatment is then instituted to eliminate the potential presence of bacteria.

The decision on the appropriate procedure is decided based on your condition and dental history. In many cases, our services also include advice on home-based oral hygiene and also easy-to-implement nutritional guide.

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