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Composite Restorations

  • The excitement and joy when you can smile confidently again. Only possible with high-quality Composite Restorations in McAllen and Palmview, TX.

Don’t let your looks and confidence suffer because of decayed or chipped teeth!

How sad and frustrating can dealing with a decayed or chipped tooth be? At Lima dental, we believe you should have no reason to dread smiling. And that’s what our composite restorations services are about.

With reliable dental experts in composite restorations, you can bring back the elegance to your smile and also improve your overall wellbeing.

Peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands

It takes genuine, bio-compatible, non-toxic composite resins for you to enjoy the best outcomes. At Lima dental, you can be sure that is what you will be getting. Options come in an eclectic range of colors too.

We make sure our team is keeping current with the latest trend in restorative dentistry so they can measure up to the task and provide you with the perfect solution at the first time of asking.

The composite material would be applied directly to your affected tooth employing the best techniques that allow for a flawless finish – you’ll hardly notice the difference with your remaining teeth. Benefits include:

  • Sparkling teeth, dazzling smiles, enhanced looks
  • Cost-efficiency – you get to save up cash to handle other business; we would love to help
  • Preservation of your tooth/teeth structure; zero discomfort
  • Confidence boost. No longer would you dread smiling and conversing in public
  • Are you worried about pain? Don’t be! Our staff are skilled in sedation dentistry, which is your best bet to receive a worry-free restorative dental care.

Your satisfaction is everything

Being a dentist that prides itself on an established reputation for customer satisfaction, we’ll partner with you to achieve your oral hygiene goals without fuss. This could require some education and demonstrations, which we are always happy to do all the while communicating with you in a friendly and amicable manner.

Little wonder our composite restoration service is the preferred choice by many in Texas. And with the provision of personalized care, the use of the latest technology, and the convenience of a covet-worthy environment, consider yourself booked for a treat.

All this at a very competitive price – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dentist that provides cheaper composite restoration in the McAllen and Palmview areas.

End your displeasure with your decayed or chipped tooth now!

Whether it is a decayed or chipped tooth that is embarrassing you, why not make your visit to the dentist an unforgettable experience – allow us to pamper you as we work to make your smile beautiful again. Contact us now to get started.


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