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Limited Exam

Limited exam (emergency exams)

Get back to being comfortable and happy sooner that later with our prompt and efficient Limited dental exam in McAllen and Palmview, TX.

If you need to get prompt attention from a dentist and want to be safe in the knowledge you’ll be in good hands during a dental emergency, then Lima dental ticks all the right boxes and even more!

So conveniently located in McAllen and Palmview, we welcome walk-in dental emergencies of any kind. When you come to us, we guarantee that our emergency dental team will quickly deploy a world-class dental capacity on the problem area, and this might include the use of digital x-rays if necessary.

When you walk into Lima dental, you can be confident you’ll always receive the best dental care. Our dentists do not cut corners. With an eye for details, your dentist might use an explorer depending on your situation to investigate your teeth, gums, and existing dental prosthesis. Sometimes, to get a thorough look at the situation, full or partial dentures would have to be removed during examination.

Dental care is a two-way street. So, during a limited exam, we encourage patients to trust your dentist and feel free to discuss whatever might be troubling you, share your thoughts concerning symptoms you’ve noticed, and ask questions concerning your teeth and oral health.

The sole aim, as always, is to provide quick and accurate diagnoses of the problem as well as to advise you on the best possible treatment that will relieve you of pain, discomfort, swelling, or potential infection.

Luckily, at Lima Dental, we’re well prepared and knowledgeable to provide appropriate same-day treatments and/or prescriptions, meaning you don’t have to move from one place to the other in discomfort and pains. And even if the required treatment is multi-procedural and would require multiple visits such as root canal treatments, we’ve got you covered. And you’ll quickly come to appreciate the benefits of having limited exams and treatment by the same dental professional, which would inevitably increase the odds for a better outcome.

Our prices are very competitive. Therefore you’re guaranteed to get the best deal possible for limited exams in and around McAllen and Palmview, TX.

At Lima Dental, you will always have peace of mind when you come to us that you are being looked after by experts. We regularly train our team on the latest industry best-practices and in handling the latest dental equipment to ensure they can handle any dental problem fast, efficiently, and safely without worsening your situation.

So feel free to visit us whenever you have a dental emergency. We will go above and beyond to ensure your oral health is restored and you can go back to enjoying life with a glowing smile.

TMJ (JAW Problems)

TMJ (JAW Problems)

The best outcome of TMJ Treatments in McAllen and Palmview, TX

The treatment of jaw pain and the associated symptoms requires the seamless cooperation of different specialists. These are provided by Lima Dental under-one-roof. This saves you valuable time and allows a perfectly coordinated therapy.

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint and is often used to refer to problems with the jaw joint system, which is responsible for the movements of the jaw, more specifically for chewing and speaking. A significant portion of the population suffers from TMJ disorders, which manifests itself in very different ways.

Jaw problems can have a significant impact on the lives of those affected: local pain, snoring, chronic tension, and many other conditions that affect the quality of life. In Lima Dental, you will find specialists for holistic recovery, ranging from diagnosis to jaw treatment and physiotherapy.

Inaccurate fillings or dentures can trigger TMJ problems. If they are adjusted or exchanged, the complaints usually resolve quickly. Other causes (e.g., temporomandibular joint arthrosis) may require further treatment. This includes, for example, the supply of a denture splint. Depending on the problem, rail types can be used to improve the alignment of the upper and lower rows of teeth.

The dentist, orthodontist, or orthopedist can refer you for a session with a physiotherapist. In situations like this, your treatment might include relaxation exercises, jaw muscle strengthening exercises, mobilization, cold and heat therapy, individual tips for exercise at home (e.g., facial exercises), and much more. Your chosen physiotherapist is qualified and has received additional training to provide specific TMJ treatment.

Our professional TMD treatments can help you alleviate your suffering, so you never have to worry about chewing your favorite meal, talking, or going through your day. With our capable team, you will get the best outcome of TMJ Treatments in McAllen and Palmview, TX. Contact us now to schedule an appointment! (956) 600 – 7412.

Regular Cleanings

Regular Cleanings

Regular Cleanings (Prophylaxis), FMD ( full mouth debridement) , and Scale and root planning (Deep cleanings)

Anyone who regularly goes for professional teeth cleaning has longer-term healthier teeth.

Despite regular dental care with a toothbrush, toothpaste, interdental brushes, and dental floss, harmful bacteria accumulate in hard-to-reach areas during the day.

These harmful bacteria accumulate on and between the teeth. Here they form over time plaque, an aggressive biofilm, consisting of saliva constituents, food leftovers, and bacteria. This whitish plaque converts sugar into acids, which then decalcify the tooth surface and promote caries formation.

So also, plaque is the cause of halitosis and triggers, among others, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and in worst cases, periodontal disease (inflammations affecting the tissues surrounding the teeth). According to scientific studies, regular professional tooth cleaning, PZR for short, reduces the risk of heart and brain infarction, premature birth, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, and gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, precaution is the best protection!

It is therefore recommended that every individual seek professional teeth cleaning at least once a year. And that is where we at Lima Dental come to your rescue!

Regular Cleaning (Prophylaxis)

During the procedure, your dental caregiver would, first of all, examine the teeth precisely using magnifying glasses. Subsequently, they’ll remove pathogenic plaque tooth by tooth. Soft pads are often removed with an ultrasonic device, harder deposits are removed with a special hand instrument. The use of a so-called powder blasting device can quickly solve persistent discoloration caused, for example, by wine, coffee, tea, or nicotine. Small brushes would be used for the interstices, which can also be used to cleanse the tongue. Next, the tooth surfaces are polished using a special paste to help prevent bacteria from finding a hold that would allow them to settle back quickly.

After that, a special impregnation reduces the acid solubility of enamel, and minor defects are stabilized by demineralization. Finally, fluoridation, which is the application of fluoride directly on the teeth for better protection and helps strengthen teeth.

FMD (full mouth debridement)

If it’s been a while, you saw a dentist, then full mouth debridement (FMD) might be in order. Similar to regular cleaning (prophylaxis), a dental hygienist uses an electronic scaler and other dental equipment to remove any significant buildup of plaque and calculus on your and around your teeth and gums.

Scale and root planning (Deep cleanings)

Periodontal scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) is recommended for patients that have signs associated with gum diseases. Some of these signs to look out for include bleeding gums, the discovery of deeper than usual gum pockets, when plaque and calculus build up under the gums, poor bone support for the teeth (floating teeth), and so on.

Dividing your mouth into quadrants, a specialist dental hygienist will ensure you have a pain-free experience by first numbing the treatment field before proceeding to thoroughly scale and clean the crown and root surfaces of your teeth. Afterward, antimicrobial treatment is then instituted to eliminate the potential presence of bacteria.

The decision on the appropriate procedure is decided based on your condition and dental history. In many cases, our services also include advice on home-based oral hygiene and also easy-to-implement nutritional guide.

We’ve helped 1000+ of patients in and around McAllen and Palmview, TX. transform their smile and mouth to “feel like brand new.” We want to help you too. Contact us now. (956) 600 – 0712


Consultations and Re-evaluations

Dental Consultations and Re-evaluations in McAllen and Palmview: Don’t leave things to chance; our trove of capacities will help you achieve your oral health goals without fuss!

Consultations and Re-evaluations have much to offer those who wish to bring back their smiles.

Have you got questions about dentistry and oral health?

Would you like to talk to us about your dental health?

Not happy with the services you received from your previous dentist?

Whatever your concern, we’ll meet your needs. Where we can’t, we’ll gladly point you in the right direction. Offering you a team of experienced, hands-on, and well-rounded professionals, all experts in their respective field, supported by a world-class facility, you’ll quickly discover you made the right decision.

It is recommended you consult with your dentist at least once yearly, and so we’ve built our trove of capabilities around your family oral health needs. This means everybody is welcome. We provide custom-fit services to people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, making us a single-source for your family’s dental care.

A visit to Lima Dental is always a fun experience. Rather than being too uptight, our consultants strive to come across as friendly buddies who desperately want to see you happy. They do this by ensuring you get all the information, suggestions, and helpful tips required. And we do so at no extra cost. If you expect your dentist to improve your life, then you’ll feel at home with Lima Dental.

At any given time, your visit might consist of:

  • A comprehensive dental exam and diagnostics
  • Review of your medical record and health history
  • Oral cancer screening test
  • Specialized pediatric and geriatric care
  • Counseling and oral health education
  • Formulation of a detailed treatment plan to improve your oral health and overall wellbeing
  • Bite analysis
  • A chance at obtaining discounts towards future treatments

All these and many more you’d expect to come at a high cost. Luckily, you can take advantage of our lowest ever rates – we guarantee the most pocket-friendly dental care anywhere in McAllen and Palmview. We’re committed to helping you take the hassle out of achieving and maintaining the smiles of your dream – get in touch now let’s show you how.

Composite Restorations

Composite Restorations

  • The excitement and joy when you can smile confidently again. Only possible with high-quality Composite Restorations in McAllen and Palmview, TX.

Don’t let your looks and confidence suffer because of decayed or chipped teeth!

How sad and frustrating can dealing with a decayed or chipped tooth be? At Lima dental, we believe you should have no reason to dread smiling. And that’s what our composite restorations services are about.

With reliable dental experts in composite restorations, you can bring back the elegance to your smile and also improve your overall wellbeing.

Peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands

It takes genuine, bio-compatible, non-toxic composite resins for you to enjoy the best outcomes. At Lima dental, you can be sure that is what you will be getting. Options come in an eclectic range of colors too.

We make sure our team is keeping current with the latest trend in restorative dentistry so they can measure up to the task and provide you with the perfect solution at the first time of asking.

The composite material would be applied directly to your affected tooth employing the best techniques that allow for a flawless finish – you’ll hardly notice the difference with your remaining teeth. Benefits include:

  • Sparkling teeth, dazzling smiles, enhanced looks
  • Cost-efficiency – you get to save up cash to handle other business; we would love to help
  • Preservation of your tooth/teeth structure; zero discomfort
  • Confidence boost. No longer would you dread smiling and conversing in public
  • Are you worried about pain? Don’t be! Our staff are skilled in sedation dentistry, which is your best bet to receive a worry-free restorative dental care.

Your satisfaction is everything

Being a dentist that prides itself on an established reputation for customer satisfaction, we’ll partner with you to achieve your oral hygiene goals without fuss. This could require some education and demonstrations, which we are always happy to do all the while communicating with you in a friendly and amicable manner.

Little wonder our composite restoration service is the preferred choice by many in Texas. And with the provision of personalized care, the use of the latest technology, and the convenience of a covet-worthy environment, consider yourself booked for a treat.

All this at a very competitive price – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dentist that provides cheaper composite restoration in the McAllen and Palmview areas.

End your displeasure with your decayed or chipped tooth now!

Whether it is a decayed or chipped tooth that is embarrassing you, why not make your visit to the dentist an unforgettable experience – allow us to pamper you as we work to make your smile beautiful again. Contact us now to get started.


Root Canals

Strong toothache due to a deep inflammation makes it difficult to enjoy everyday life. But you do not necessarily have to let the tooth go – you get rid of the pain by root canal treatment. And that’s why we signed up.

If bacteria attack the tooth substance and are not stopped in time, they reach the inside of the tooth and gets to the tooth root. So also, unrecognized or untreated caries can also lead to inflammation of the tooth root. In both cases, root canal treatment can save the diseased tooth.

Each tooth has multiple roots and fine, branched channels. They contain the pulp, i.e. blood vessels and nerve tissue. Inflammations there usually cause throbbing toothache. As a rule, several treatment steps are necessary, usually under local anesthesia. Using professional dental instruments, your dedicated dentist will open the tooth and clean the nerve cavity and the root canals of inflamed or dead tissue and disinfects them. He then fills the channels and closes the tooth.

A root canal treatment is often the last resort to save a sick or injured tooth. The result can usually be seen to last many years. This means you no longer have to put up with head-splitting toothache anymore.

Periodontal Treatment

Healthy gums are of the utmost importance for the preservation of your teeth

The earlier a periodontitis is detected and treated, the easier, faster, and more successful the treatment will be.

The tasks of periodontics in our dental practice include not only the treatment but also the prevention and the aftercare of periodontal diseases.

Our goal is to stop the inflammation and to maintain the tissue supporting the teeth permanently. A qualified dentist will be on hand to achieve this using a finely tuned system of education, motivation, and individualized prophylactic measures. If necessary with the help of minimally invasive gum surgery.

Your periodontal treatment includes a special examination of the gum pockets with a probe during which periodontal pockets are cleaned and particular emphasis placed on correct and customized oral hygiene. In some cases, an X-ray of the diseased teeth is taken as well. Based on these findings, a treatment plan is created together with you.

As part of the actual periodontal treatment, the hard bacterial deposits (concernments/tartar) in the pockets between the gum and the neck of the tooth are removed with a probe, the root is smoothed, and the inflammatory gum is treated.

There are different methods that we use, depending on your individual needs. Only in rare cases, it is necessary to perform major surgical procedures on the periodontium.

In any case, we’ll advise you on proper prophylaxis and teeth cleaning. So also a tailored post care program is designed to prevent unnoticed exploratory or re-inflammatory events.

Pediatric Dental Care

Our pediatric dental care has created beautiful smiles for thousands of happy children over the years. Give your child the best start today!

Proper dental care for your child means they have a good chance of enjoying healthy teeth even when they become adults. Intact milk teeth are the prerequisite for healthy permanent teeth. Therefore, dental care should start with the first teething.

Parents immediately notice our comfortable and child-friendly environment while kids can indulge themselves with the various toys and games adorning our premises.
While you’ll come to appreciate the child-friendly atmosphere, you’ll value the level of personalized dental care we’ll provide to your little ones even more. Your kids will be given lots of choices in a friendly and caring way without them feeling coerced.

As professional pediatric dental caregivers, we understand the importance of effective communication with your child – this includes refraining from words that can cause fear- instead we’ve made it a habit of employing pleasant and non-frightening words with the same message.

Our pediatric dental care services include:

Pediatric Oral Health Examination
We carry out early oral health examinations to detect possible risk of cavities as early as possible. Detection of the oral hygiene status includes checking for signs of plaque, the condition of the gums and determination of any point of weakness in your child’s teeth. If necessary, we recommend appropriate treatment afterward.

Professional teeth cleaning for children.
A specially trained professional will take care of your child and together with the child, brush away coverings during tooth cleaning. During this process, your child is made aware of the risks of bacterial infestation. If necessary, children’s teeth are freed from hard dental plaque and polished, which help prevent the buildup of bacterial deposits and thus the formation of cavities.

Here advanced techniques for proper brushing are presented. There are also tips on healthy nutrition and the relationships between diet, dental care, bacteria, and tooth decay. Early education in a gently and fun manner have shown tremendous result in how kids respond to and care for their oral hygiene.

Fissure sealing.
Caries on the chewing surfaces of molars is the most common tooth decay in children. Fissure and dimple sealing is a preventative measure used on the most caries-prone areas of the teeth. The fissures are thoroughly cleaned and filled with a unique, tooth-colored plastic during this process.

Fluoridation for stronger teeth
Fluoride protects the enamel from caries. Therefore, it is beneficial for children’s teeth. Following professional teeth cleaning, fluoride is applied as a varnish. The paint releases the substance regularly to the teeth. This helps to mineralize them and protect them from aggressive acids.

We strive to make a visit to the dentist a fun one for your child!
If your child’s teeth are healthy, they often live to enjoy a quality life. Well thought-out dental care is the basis for this. And with our pediatric dentists, your child is in good care.

Night Guards

For those who are fortunate, sleep is a serene and peaceful nightly ritual that leads to rested and refreshed mornings. Not everyone is so lucky. Many of us, for various reasons, find the time we spend asleep to be less than entirely productive. Rather than waking up in the morning feeling good and revitalized, we might feel tenderness in our face or mouth, have headaches upon waking, or experience sensitive jaw muscles and/or teeth. More than likely, these symptoms are a result of a night of grinding or clenching teeth.

The occlusal guards, also commonly referred to as night guards, occlusal splints, or simply bite splints, are specialized orthotic devices that are designed to prevent the mouth from performing this clenching and grinding teeth at night (bruxism), and to alleviate the pain, damage and discomfort that come as a result. An occlusal guard, when used properly, will be produced to be a custom fit for the person wearing it.

How Does an Occlusal Guard Work?

When someone wears a mouth guard overnight, their teeth are protected by the clear, acrylic resin which has been molded to perfectly cover the teeth. This material works to prevent damage such as chipping or scratching of teeth, as well as the physical pain that typically accompanies the grinding and clenching.

The specifics of how the guard works depends to a certain extent to the type of guard being used.

The Different Types of Guards

Clenching and grinding often occurs overnight – and most occlusal guards are for overnight use only – but doctors will occasionally have their patients wear the guard during the day to prevent minimize tooth damage

Some night guards cover the entire rows of teeth, while others cover the individual teeth

Patients can use guards that either covers one row of teeth, or both rows

How to Know if You Should Wear a Night Guard

There are a few warning signs that may indicate you are a strong candidate for using a mouth guard. Below are just some of the symptoms to keep an eye out for:

Consistently getting headaches in the morning

Awakening with mild or significant tooth pain

Experiencing sore or sensitive jaw muscle and face pain

Feeling that you have not gotten a full night’s sleep, even when you go to sleep and wake up at normal times

Having these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you definitely need to start using an occlusal night guard. That being said, if you do find that you are regularly experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it is a good idea to consult your physician to determine whether some type of mouth guard might be worth using to alleviate discomfort or tooth scraping or chipping.

Occlusal Guards and TMJ Disorders

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders constitute a family of medical problems that are related to the human jaw joint. Those suffering from a TMJ disorder will typically experience a common affliction of pain and possibly a clicking sound from the jaw area. There have been significant advancements in medicine related to TMJ disorders and they are now more easily diagnosable than ever – which is fortunate because untreated TMJ problems can lead to much more serious issues, such as chronic spasms, joint imbalance, and severe pain. There are millions of the people around the world who are suffering TMJ disorders, and in most cases, these people are able to get a good amount of relief by using a mouth guard. In some cases, the guard is combined with another form of therapy called occlusal equilibrium.

What to Expect When Using an Occlusal Guard

Using any type of mouth guard has definitively been shown to be effective to help with teeth grinding and clinching, but those utilizing the guard should not necessarily expect to become comfortable with it right away. Many people who use the guards have noted that there can be weeks – and in some cases, even months – before the act of sleeping with the guard begins to feel natural. Although this process can be initially uncomfortable and unusual and will take some getting used to, people who wear them will usually find that once they have become accustomed to sleeping with them, they can hardly sleep without them and the ritual of occlusal guard cleaning becomes second nature.

Considering the many stresses of fast-paced life and the demands we all face, it should perhaps not be surprising that a sizable portion of the population experience manifestations of this stress in the form of night clenching and grinding. The good news is that by taking advantage of mouth guards, people are able to get relief and wake up feeling ready to tackle the day. When people are able to sleep properly and can awake without pain and sensitivity, they are much more likely to live happy and productive lives.

Initial Oral Examination

Initial Oral Examination is a sound and equally vital step we use to catch dental issues early for quick and easy solutions. Plus during the process we’ll determine and evaluate your existing dental care methods; then we build on the information gathered to provide you with tips, advice, and suggestions regarding the care of your mouth, so you avoid dental problems like cavities and gum disease.

During this check-up, the dentist examines your mouth using the latest basic to advanced equipment to assess whether prevention or treatment is required.

Initial Oral Examination is an essential first step for a successful start to any possible treatment.

  • A typical dental exam, involves the thorough cleaning of your teeth. Here, difficult to remove surface stains or deposits (tartar or calculus), are removed using dental instruments.
  • We will look out for signs suggesting tooth decay or gum diseases.
  • An initial oral examination might require an X-ray and other imaging procedures for detailed information regarding the status of your oral health and to help accurately diagnose problems.
  • We will also discuss the medical history and dental care regimen under a relaxed and friendly ambiance.
  • Explanation of found findings
  • Immediate treatment can be carried out in case of an emergency based on agreement.

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