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Payment Options

Payment Options

Our office accepts assignment of benefits from most insurance plans. Please call our office to make an appointment and we will be happy to answer any insurance questions you may have.

Lima Dental Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, ATM cards, cash, and personal checks.
For our patients’ convenience, we also accept care credit for long-term payment plans.
Care credit is a third-party credit program which can provide patients with interest-free financing for up to eighteen months for those who qualify. Short term payment plans can be made through the office on a case-by-case basis.

What to Expect

The central element of our modern dental practice is the active involvement of patients in the treatment process. You can expect a well-rehearsed and reliable dental practice, which guarantees your all-around optimal support. We are looking forward to your visit!

Our team believes that our patients deserve the highest standard of dental care. In addition to traditional dentistry services, we also offer treatments that enhance the look of your smile – and give you the self-confidence you deserve. In every case, here is what to expect:

  • We do our utmost to make your visit as relaxed as possible.
  • All employees in our dentistry wear a nameplate stating their specialization.
  • If you want to know more about your practitioner, kindly ask, we’ll gladly oblige you.
  • Your dentist or practitioner will answer all your questions, provide you with advice where necessary and tell you exactly what to look out for.
  • We carefully discuss treatments with you; if desired, you will receive a ‘second opinion’ from another dentist. Also, we are clear about the alternatives, possible risks and costs.
  • You can always ask yourself about the treatment plan and the budget or an additional explanation.
  • Treatments are performed carefully per the standards customary in the profession.
  • To make your dental visit as pleasant as possible, we propose anesthesia for certain procedures. However, we also allow you to decide whether you want an anesthetic as long as it is in line with the profession’s best practices.
  • Easy appoint from the comfort of your phone or computer. Just use our online or kindly contact us.
  • A warranty.

Ready to wear the graceful smile you’ve always desired?

Thanks to our personal approach and high-quality dental care, we are happy to make your dream come true. Get your radiant smile now.

Our Goal

We see ourselves as your partner on the way to the common goal: healthy and beautiful teeth, if possible for a lifetime! To achieve this, we pursue the following goals:

High-quality Dentistry: We accomplish this through our qualifications, experience, quality management and continuous training.

Incredibly Personalized service: Your wishes and needs are the focus of our treatment. Therefore, we take a lot of time for an exact diagnosis, detailed consultation and tailored planning of your prevention or treatment program. We would like to look after you not only medically, but we want you to feel completely comfortable and enjoy every moment you come to us. Our friendly, competent team is always available for all questions on your oral health.

Outstanding Function and aesthetics: In the repair or replacement of teeth, we attach great importance to a high-quality execution in function and natural aesthetics – because it is about helping you attain a quality life!

Sound Oral health care and Prevention: Instead of repair medicine, our practice stands for complete oral health, which aims to keep teeth healthy in the long term and to avoid diseases from the outset – by preserving your oral health and promoting the prevention of dental diseases.

Your Comfort and Satisfaction: We like to work without stress and do not like for you to wait. Feel well and safe in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Our inviting and attractive practice rooms and a friendly and competent team offer you maximum comfort and optimal service.

For further information or an individual consultation, we are always at your disposal. Kindly get in touch now!

Oral Health Care and Prevention

The protection of your dental health is our top priority in our dental practice, which is why we have developed an individualized Oral Health Care and Prevention concept for the prevention of dental diseases.We believe that our professional efforts as your dentists and oral health care team can only bear fruit in the long term if you personally contribute to the process through regular and appropriate oral hygiene.

Your personal oral hygiene plays an essential role in the long-term preservation of your dental health. We recommend healthy patients to thoroughly clean their teeth twice a day, which depends on the right brushing technique and the tools used.

If good results are achieved with the manual toothbrush, which we can confirm at our practice, you can proceed this way. However, electric toothbrushes perform movements that a manual toothbrush cannot achieve. Our dental team will gladly advise you on what’s best for you.

For brushing, we recommend fluoridated toothpaste since the fluoride strengthens the enamel. But because the fluoride content of toothpaste varies and what is acceptable from toddler to adult differs, you will receive detailed information and advice on what your best option is.

We encourage you to visit our dentistry bi-annually for dental checks. Periodontitis patients or those with implant-supported dentures are encouraged to visit more often. During these visits, we’ll give you an idea of the status of your dental health and take any necessary measures that the treatment of tooth decay or periodontitis serve or support the prevention of dental disease.

In addition to the clinical examination of your oral cavity, the professional cleaning of teeth, which is performed by specially trained staff, is an integral part of an effective oral care program.

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